Technology and Products

Roo Healthcare Solutions secured a patent for its Roo Defender™ catheter cover, which is a perfect replacement for gauze and tape and the only adhesive-free catheter cover on the market. Since securing the original patent, the company has continued to increase its intellectual property base, filing incremental patents that build upon its foundational patent and support a broad portfolio of claims.  Roo Healthcare Solutions is preparing to release its second product, the Roo ProtectorTM, designed for in patient use, which provides the same patient and practice benefits as the Roo DefenderTM but allows for access to the lumens without removing the cover.

We are committed to the following values to ensure our products meet the highest quality standards and patient demands:

Comfort: Constructed of a soft, breathable material, the Roo Defender™ vascular access covering pouch slides on quickly and easily with a secure fit for comfortable catheter protection that reduces skin irritation and improves overall patient experience vs. gauze and tape.

Cleanliness: The Roo Defender™ features a Velcro® closure that, unlike gauze and tape, does not stick to the skin or device, eliminating adhesive residue and other environmental contaminant build-up. The Roo Defender™ also features natural silver and copper ions for a proven, safe, and effective antimicrobial solution.

Cost-Effectiveness: Designed for ease of use, our products save valuable nursing time and promote more efficient organizational care practices and policies. In a recent clinical study, the Roo Defender™ cut dialysis initiation time by one full minute while enhancing comfort, cleanliness, and safety.