The Need for Clean, Comfortable, and Cost-Effective Dialysis Treatment

There are an estimated 2.2 million dialysis catheter patients worldwide and global demand for dialysis catheters is growing. Along with this growth is the increase of significant catheter related health issues, especially the alarming rate of infection and hospitalization among Hemodialysis Catheter users. In fact, the 2009 USRDS report shows that infections are responsible for 37.5 percent of all HD patient hospitalizations, making infections the leading cause of hospitalization. In addition, infections are also the leading cause of death.
 Roo Healthcare Solutions’ technology meets a significant and growing demand for comfortable, clean, and cost-effective catheter care and is well positioned to address this considerable market need.

While dialysis catheter patients are the primary focus of Roo Healthcare Solutions’ Roo Defender™, the technology is also applicable to other clinical devices, including central lines, peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) lines, tunneled central lines, and infusion ports.