Introducing the Roo Defender™

The Roo Defender™ is an ideal example of the simple, innovative solutions customers can expect from Roo Healthcare Solutions. The patented Roo Defender™ dialysis catheter cover is a perfect replacement for gauze and tape. It is a comfortable, easy-to-use, antimicrobially-protected disposable pouch that easily slides over the external catheter components after each dialysis treatment to guard against environmental contamination, while also providing a comfortable barrier between the catheter and a patient’s skin. The American-made Roo Defender™ combines silver and copper ions for a proven, safe, and effective antimicrobial technology. In addition, we utilize BPA-free, post-consumer recycled drinking bottles in the fabric construction of our Roo Defender™ to support our goal to offer customers environmentally responsible products. 


How It Works (The Roo Defender™ vs. Gauze and Tape)

Today, most dialysis care providers attempt to protect the dialysis catheter from environmental contamination and patient comfort by wrapping the external catheter components in gauze and tape. A common practice is for the nursing staff to wrap the catheter with a four by four-inch square of sterile gauze and secure it with two six-inch pieces of tape. In doing this, a nurse spends roughly one minute cutting, wrapping, and securing the gauze cover. Unfortunately, a patient must contend with the irritation from sticky tape pulling at their skin and collecting environmental contaminants until their next dialysis treatment. Furthermore, during the next dialysis treatment the nurse spends even more time, up to three minutes per visit, pulling the gauze and tape off, while also struggling to remove adhesive residue from the catheter and patient’s skin.

To apply the disposable Roo Defender™, the nurse simply opens the pouch, slides the protective sleeve over the catheter, and pinches the simple Velcro® closure together – in seconds. The breathable, antimicrobially-protected material forms a comfortable, protective cover that lowers the likelihood of environmental contamination. The comfortable, soft, and secure cover reduces skin irritation, eliminates the uncomfortable and often painful discomforts associated with adhesive residue and improves a patient’s overall dialysis experience. Additionally, the ease of application and removal of the Roo Defender™ offers a patient the ability to wipe down the catheter with an approved antiseptic or cleaning solution as needed between treatments.